233 Milliseconds or: The Truth is Unreasonable
233 Milliseconds or: The Truth is Unreasonable is a real-time rendered interactive audiovisual installation that deals with existential concepts and questions of the psychoanalytic theory of repression.
3D characters appear at the frequency of the real world birth rate of approximately 4.3 births per second (2016), around every 233 milliseconds.

Repression is a defense mechanism to prevent the unacceptable from entering our consciousness. Regarding to Sigmund Freud's theory of repression, a cornerstone of psychoanalytic theory, this term often stands for "Repressed Memories", but the same mechanism is activated to suppress thoughts of the uncertain future that is now increasingly perceived as dystopian.
How else can people put aside all problems such as overpopulation, global warming, rising sea levels, soil sealing, depleted resources, famines, pandemics, unfair distribution of wealth, refugee misery, etc. and care about their personal development and careers?

The interactive installation addresses this dilemma by placing an humanoid being in an unsettling situation. This figure negates the dystopian environment of rapidly appearing and disappearing of similar 3D characters; rather, its attention is directed towards the visitors as they approach the installation and thereby zoom into the scene. The soundscape created by the collisions reinforces the disturbing setting.

Computer, Kinect, projector, sound system
dimension variable

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