For the first time in a Linz Cloud of Sound the audience is able to creatively participate.
The artists' intention is not for the visitors to passively consume the Cloud of Sound, but rather to creatively, actively experience the event.
The composition corresponds to this form of public participation by integrating public sound spaces.

Audience participation in the actOpera takes place at three levels:

Part 1: Instant Composition
In the first part the sound is created by the audience.
Klaus Obermaier and Robert Spour create a real-time composition from the audience's noises and scraps of conversation.

Part 2: Control
In the second part, the viewers control various aspects of both the music and the visualization using caps distributed beforehand in the Danube Park.
Obermaier/Spour develop a composition, in which the audience is able to influence the parameters of density, dynamics, instrumentation, sequence, tempo, etc.
The 300m wide interactive area is defined and bordered on both sides by video projection screens. These projections provide the audience, that is divided into two teams, with the information they need for control.
This makes the aim and method of the system transparent and comprehensible.
Team A and Team B can make decisions independently of one another, react to one another, give each other mutual support or compete and even act together.

Part 3: Portraits
In the third and last part, viewers are visually integrated in the event.
The portraits of hundreds of visitors, shot before the start of the show, are projected onto 4 huge waterwalls and controlled and alienated by the rhythmic structure of the music.

In aesthetic terms, it completes the circle, referencing back to part 1.

Danube Park, Linz, Austria

Saturday, 2 September 2000, 9:00 p.m.

60 000 people

60 000 custom-made yellow caps,
remote microphones,
4 large screens,
4 large waterwalls - overall width 90m, height 12m
4 high powered video projectors,
projection mapping onto large buildings,
2 cargo ships,

A production of the Brucknerhaus Linz
in co-operation with
ORF Landesstudio Oberoesterreich

an interactive game
Opening event of the Ars Electronica Festival 2000
Klaus Obermaier and Robert Spour . Linz Cloud of Sound 2000