Storage hall flooded with 40,000 litres
terrible abyss, no danger

It costs self-conquest to enter the narrow footbridge. No, nothing for me, the first thought. Automatically one — frightened, disconcerted — yields back before the opening abyss. A false step and it seems to go down into the depth, down there into a tangle of rafters, disks and beams.

Only the second view reveals the real behind the virtual world. Not over an abyss leads the bridge, but across a mirror-smooth water surface, only 20 cm deep. In the water - light-produced - the reflected roof structure of the hall. 'All-clear' signal: A false step does not bring a danger. The bridge: Safe terrain.

Overwhelming the impression, which one keeps in memory from the LightRoute work of the Austrian media performer Klaus Obermaier located at the station in a before especially empty vacated and with 40,000 litres flooded storage hall.

Who would like to explore all 18 stations of the exhibition, "stumbles" over light biotopes, which change the nocturnal appearance Luedenscheids, attempt surfaces between fallow and large-scale building site, spectacular, exciting work such as Klaus Obermaiers "below" ...

Westfaelische Rundschau
Monika Salzmann, September 18, 2004.

Abyss depth light opinions

Many say, the Luedenscheider station is abyss low ugly. Since yesterday new abysses are opened there. The depths, which threaten to devour the visitor, are constituent of the LightRoutes of this year and literally unbelievably.

The LightRoutes however, which run still until 3 October, let the station appear in completely new light. First of all there is the mirror work of Klaus Obermaier. If you are really sure that underneath the narrow footbridge no abyss lurks, but that all this is only a reflection on a very, very smooth water surface, you may walk "over the water". But also from the edge the sight is fascinatingly and scary beautiful.

The installation "below" of Klaus Obermaier in an old storage hall at the station placed the organizers before large challenges. But even greater is the wonder in view of the illusive mirage. Even the shadow under the roof is reflected in such detail that the eye is convinced: Here it goes downward.

Luedenscheider Nachrichten
Birgit Schlieper, September 18, 2004 intervention
Klaus Obermaier – LichtRouten, Luedenscheid / Germany