interactive installation
It takes a couple of indications to establish a state of entitativity or pure entity for a group or attendant individuals:
common fate, similarity, proximity, coherence, sharing emotions, common social targets, same dress, etc.

The interactive installation ENTITATIVITY creates a situation in which an aggregate of anonymous individuals sharing the same physical appearance and similar behavior is transformed into an entitative group by the intervention of the users.
ENTITATIVITY ⋅ Klaus Obermaier with Martina Menegon and Stefano D'Alessio
The same is possible on the user side: the interplay among friends or strangers, their common target, may lead to the formation of entitativity.

The movements and position changes of the user are transposed to the virtual space, causing collisions with the anthropomorph entities. When standing still the entities tend to approach him.
It's an interplay of attraction and repulsion.
November 1, 2019
Centrul de Interes, organised by Spatiu Intact - Cluj-Napoca / Romania

July 12 to 16, 2017
Electric Castle Festival - Cluj-Napoca / Romania

May 8 to 17, 2015
Figurentheaterfestival Erlangen / Germany