FACELESS_VOICELESS is a continuously expanded series of works focussing on Klaus Obermaier's longterm artistic research in nonverbal communication with facial expression and paralanguage and moreover in the real-time alienation of faces, bodies and voice.

Since the performance D.A.V.E. (1998) Klaus Obermaier explores faces in the context of performance and art. Subsequent works like the community installation FACE IT or the portrait series ARTISTS deepened this examination. About 20 years ago he started to experiment with nonverbal voice in his live shows.

Thus the real-time deconstruction of Klaus' own face together with the live manipulation of his voice and the interaction between the two form the key points of this AV performance.

SPECTRAL however leans to more abstract real-time generated computer graphics and electronic soundscapes which use various techniques, like physics simulations, rigged 3D renderings, feedback loops, live cameras, ... and react to sounds or gestures.

The audio part also uses many diverse components, like virtual modular synths, generative sounds, inputs from microphone or guitar, just to name a few. And of course many sounds and visuals are either created live on stage or at least manipulated by MIDI controllers.

Nevertheless both shows share similar features, are overlapping to some extent
and may be shown together.

FACELESS_VOICELESS - 24 September 2017 at Live Cinema Festival
MACRO - Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome / Italy

FACELESS was the opening performance of of the exhibition ERROR 404: TERRITORIES OF ABSENCE in context with Klaus Obermaier's interactive installation VISAGE R-0-R
27 April 2017 at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest, Romania.

SPECTRAL was premiered on September 29, 2016 at Clujotronic - Electro Arts Festival
Cluj-Napoca / Romania
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