FACING LIFE | Klaus Obermaier
FACING LIFE is a real-time rendered interactive installation that addresses the process of social adaptation, the transition from childlike innocence to being appropriated by moral codes and social constructs and compulsions.

Due to the pressures and pleasures of modern life, children lose their innocence around the age of 12. The most important and at the same time most dangerous factor in human development is the urge for social recognition and belonging, accompanied by the pressure to adapt to social norms and so-called communities of values, the desire for status symbols, pressure to perform, etc.
Many will later find themselves in isolated, intolerant, narrow-minded structures, be it religious, racist, nationalist or even just family mechanisms of oppression and adjustment. The brainwashing carried out by such seemingly harmless communities is often irreparable.

The installation addresses the conflict between innocence and manipulative communities in the form of childlike characters that are simultaneously attracted and repelled by a system of moving blocks, activated by the interaction of the visitors.

Computer, Kinect, projector, sound system
Dimension variable

Klaus Obermaier © 2021