The project is based on the artistic preoccupation with anxiety, in particular with the subtle subconscious fears that determine the scope of our everyday actions.
Breaking up traditions and overstepping boundaries also involves playing with the fear of the unknown and repressed.
The object of metabolic stabilizers is to explore stages of transition, overlapping zones and grey areas in the media of video, installation, dance performance, music and sound environments, a play with the performative alchemy of the moment in terms of its energetic and dynamic qualities.

metabolic stabilizers was originally developed together with Martino Müller and Nancy Euvrink, both members of the NEDERLANDS DANS THEATER, and premiered at the festival Bad Gleichenberg, Austria, in 1994.

One year later a new version was developed in collaboration with Bert Gstettner and his company TANZ*HOTEL, and was shown at festivals in Tuebingen/Germany, in Vienna and Linz/Austria, Copenhagen/Denmark, a. o.

metabolic stabilizers

An inter-media video, dance and music project
by Klaus Obermaier and Robert Spour with Bert Gstettner's TANZ*HOTEL