The light art festival RUHRLIGHTS: Twilight Zone was part of the RUHR.2010 - European Capital of Culture 2010, and was shown in 4 cities.

I was invited to do the opening performances in Muelheim/Ruhr at the Ringlokschuppen, where I showed my project the concept of ... (here and now), and in Duisburg at the 'Garten der Erinnerung'.

For Duisburg I combined parts of 3 different projects:
1. doors of perception
2. social patterns
3. the concept of ... (here and now)

DOPE is challenging the perception of architecture and space by projecting mainly white rectangles.
social patterns mixes short loops of daily life scenes and news flashes. The dark texture of each scene already contains the seed of information of the upcoming next, in this case it is: a refugee with her child, people celebrating on the street, a man shooting, marching troops ... LINK
For the concept of ... please follow this LINK

Klaus Obermaier

September 24, 2010

Opening project of Ruhrlights: Twilight Zone
RUHR.2010 - European Capital of Culture 2010
Ludwigturm, Garten der Erinnerung, Duisburg, Germany
Projections: Height 15 meters, width 12 meters

part 1 and 2: doors of perceptionsocial patterns
Video projection and sound installation
Duration 8 min 30 sec

part 3: the concept of ... (here and now)
Interactive performances
in collaboration with:
Accademia Nazionale di Danza di Roma, Italy
University IUAV of Venice, Faculty of Arts and Design, Italy

dance: Barbara Autiero and Sara De Santis
choreography: Klaus Obermaier with
Marta Capitani, Federica Cucinotta and Sara De Santis
Duration 21 min 30 sec

Assistant: Stefano D'Alessio
Artistic director's assistant: Cristina Barbiani
Music by Alessandro Scarlatti and Klaus Obermaier

Ruhrlights: Twilight Zone . opening project

doors of perception – social patterns – the concept of ... (here and now)
Klaus Obermaier – Ludwigturm, Garten der Erinnerung, Duisburg/Germany