Klaus Obermaier's installation 'shine on' is the star among the artworks at the Parklandschaften.
A man cries, only briefly, it is rather the set piece of a cry. A jet engine is to recognize in a split second, then a car. The rest is explosions - again and again explosions, fire, destruction, death. Thunders and noise resound by the lower deck of the cultural center multi-storey car park.

Luedenscheider Nachrichten
Bjoern Althoff, September 19, 2005

Explosion noise penetrates from the underground parking of the cultural center. Enormous firestorms shoot up. Water reflection is continuing the action and unfolds a striking depth.
Klaus Obermaier's work "Shine On" - settled in the area of tension between real and virtual world - created emotional extremes, pulled at the nerves and fascinated.

Westfaelische Rundschau
MS, September 19, 2005
Klaus Obermaier  shine on
PARKLANDSCHAFTEN – Luedenscheid, Germany
GLOW – Eindhoven, Netherlands
public sound and video installation – projection mapping