Projection Art at the Spa
The highlight of the open-air exhibition is provided by Klaus Obermaier. He projects onto the facade of the Kurmittelhaus exactly the picture of just this building: with antique portico, arched windows and turrets. But this deceptively real picture facade can be brought into oscillation by the movement of pedestrians in motion, atomized, even be brought to digital collapse. Ironically, the "sanctuary" of Bad Rothenfelde becomes the object of "destructive" games.

Deutschlandradio Kultur 
Volkhard App, September 27, 2011

On the Highway of Images
Bring a whole house to collapse with a few swings of one’s hips? ...
This at the same time playful, sassy and spectacular project is the centerpiece of the artistic recovery assistance that since 2007 every two years turns the clinic site with 7000 inhabitants into a Mecca of the projection avant-garde. ...

Sueddeutsche Zeitung
Till Briegleb, October 12, 2011

Endless Flow of Images
Shoot the stones of the spa house in a great explosion apart? Do not worry: The bang is only a visual one - Bad Rothenfelde hosts the third "Lichtsicht" Biennial.

Klaus Obermaier's dynamic projection "Dancing House" brings the classic column-plain facade of the spa house not only into motion, it works on top of that interactive. The users affect by their body turns, how fast and in which direction the bricks seem to fly away.

Neue Osnabruecker Zeitung
September 28, 2011

3rd Projection Biennale Bad Rothenfelde
The Austrian artist Klaus Obermaier is represented with "Dancing House", an interactive video installation and projection to the spa center. With strong movement by the viewer on a designated marked floor space, the walls seem to get shaken, stones fly apart and create interesting effects that bring to marvel.
Cultur Magazine of Osnabrueck, Oct. 1, 2011

Avantgarde at the Spa 
Bad Rothenfelde is not a place of great excitement. Well-kept houses along cobbled, narrow streets characterize the town in southern Lower Saxony. Especially older people visit the resort. Here gushes not just life, but at most one or the other fountains in the park.
Hardly anyone would expect to find modern art. But in fact, the 7,400-strong community hosts its own art event, the biennial projection festival, whose third edition starts on 1st October. International media artists play on facades and water areas in the park with digital images. The Austrian media artist Klaus Obermaier is even chasing the venerable spa house in the air: His installation makes the building seem to explode. "Dancing House" titled Obermaier his projection kindly.

Anne Reinert, September 30, 2011

DANCING HOUSE won the 1st place
in the LichtRouten award 2013.

Bring the Spa House to Dance
The third projection bienniale "Lichtsicht" at Bad Rothenfelde, which opens this Saturday, brings the viewer right into motion. This time it is not only to discover the media art works created between the old and new salt-evaporation and spa-park ponds while walking, but the Austrian Klaus Obermaier challenges the viewer before the therapy center for gymnastic exercises.
The more movement in a defined field in front of the therapy center, the stronger is the projection on the facade altered. The media artist, director and choreographer projected a photo of the classical facade of the building Kurmittelhaus congruent. Using a camera he takes on the movements of the viewer and lets them influence different programs. Once batting light flashes, then constructive grids get in motion and finally the composite of the stones fall into dissolution. As the viewer moves violently enough, he can bring the entire facade to collapse.

Mindener Tageblatt
Ursula Koch, October 1, 2011

Vibrant Real-time Work of Art
With the worth seeing performance "the concept of ... (here and now)" by Austrian media artist Klaus Obermaier began on Saturday the "lichtsicht" in Bad Rothenfelde.

Electronic sounds echo through the salty air on the new graduation works. Two dancers appear on stage in the spotlight, and perform an expressive series of static figures and dynamic movement sequences to the music.

At the same time their bodies are recorded by cameras on stage, their images are modulated in a PC and the result is projected on a giant screen that is attached to the graduation works. Here the bodies mutate to dematerialized graphic structures or condense to abstract landscapes of moving verticals in red and white.

The music changes. After the floating sounds by José M. Sánchez-Verdú bizarre rhythm comes into the game in a original composition by Obermaier himself. The dancers, dressed in black and white now, transform on the canvas into planar and streaky textures, corporeal, sensuous. A vibrant real-time work of art created for the fascination of the moment.

The eyes of the viewer switches between stage and screen, between reality and artistic conversion. The perspective of the camera creates a new vision, thanks to the alienation by the PC.

Obermaier and the dancers of the Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome invite to a finale with music by Alessandro Scarlatti. Through a software programmed by the Austrians now not only the images but also the baroque sounds get chopped up, scratched, re-composed to a new aesthetic.

Humorously an oversized foot tickles a woman lying on the ground, in the agony of laughter. Here it becomes clear that the dancers are responsible for a difficult task, in certain sequences of the performance both to act and as well as keep the canvas in mind to produce "correct" images.

Finally, Obermaier reproduces the dancers to the original music of Scarlatti, choreographs them extensively covering the giant screen, until hordes of tutus explode like a grand display of fireworks.

Neue Osnabruecker Zeitung
Tom Bullmann, Oktober 3, 2011

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