4 COLORS is an interactive audiovisual installation that lets the user modulate 4 sounds in various ways. The immersive mirror visualization gives an easy understandable indication of how to interact with the sound environment. Whenever the user(s) leave(s) the interactive zone, a new set of sounds is loaded.
The closer and more movement the bigger the color blob = higher volume.
Y position controls parameters such as pitch, filter cutoff, LFO speed, etc. of the 4 sound parts.
The ambient sound is faded in and out by the overall distance. Like a lot of my work, it involves body movement, sounds and visuals to create a holistic experience.

∗ Wireless headphones (for max. 2 users).
Also possible with stereo sound system.
∗ Large fullHD or 4k monitor,
alternative projection. Variable dimension.
∗ Mac computer (Intel).
∗ Kinect version 2.
contact: office@exile.at