digital scenography
30 years of experimentation and innovation
in performance and interactive media
Innovations in Motion-Tracking and Projection-Mapping:
Klaus Obermaier / page 79-103
a book by Néill O'Dwyer
published by METHUEN DRAMA
Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, Great Britain 2021

Seductions of Light
Media Art in Dialogue with Nature and Society
EGO - interactive installation
exhibition catalog
page 6/130-137, German/English
editor: Kornelia Roeder
Staatliches Museum Schwerin
published by Sandstein Verlag, Dresden / Germany 2021

POLYLUX, Positionen zur Medienkunst
exhibition catalog
page 20-23, German/English
editors: Kornelia Roeder, Antonia Napp
published by Foerderkreis Schloss Plueschow e. V.
Germany 2018

L+D luz | design | arquitetura
Imagens-Luz: Klaus Obermaier
text by Fernanda Carvalho
page 76-79
edition 69, July/August 2018
Editora Lumière, São Paulo

ERROR 404 - Territories of Absence
Exhibition catalog:
VISAGE R-0-R, interactive audiovisual installation
curator: Horea Avram, MNAC coordinator: Adriana Oprea
page 8, 32-35, Romanian/English
published by Muzeul National de Arta Contemporana
Bucharest, Romania 2018

lichtsicht 6 - Ten Years of 'Expanded Projections'
Klaus Obermaier: Dancing House
project 13, German/English
Artist texts:
Idis Hartmann, Manfred Schneckenburger, Peter Weibel
editor: lichtsicht ggmbh
Bad Rothenfelde 2017

Designs of our time - 10 years of designs of the year
Le Sacre du Printemps,
by Klaus Obermaier and Ars Electronica Futurelab
Nominated by Ross Phillips
page 156, 894-895, English
The Design Museum, London 2017

Theatrical Colloquia 22
Ioana Petcu: It Is All about Experience
interview with artist Klaus Obermaier
page 223-234, English
A experimenta e totul - interviu cu artistul Klaus Obermaier
page 87-98, Romanian
published by Artes Publishing House, at the George Enescu University of Arts
Iasi, Romania 2017

Vision Magazine
feature: Klaus Obermaier - Dance with Science & Technology
page 147-159
vision magazine #161, May issue
Hong Kong, 2016

The Performing Subject in the Space of Technology:
Through the Virtual, Towards the Real
The Cultural Critique of Bernard Stiegler: Reflecting on the Computational Performances of Klaus Obermaier,
by Néill O'Dwyer
page 34-52, English
Edited by Matthew Causey, Emma Meehan, Néill O'Dwyer
Palgrave studies in performance and technology
Palgrave Macmillan London, 2015

Ekphrasis – Creative Boycott:
Transgression, Counterfeit and Aesthetic Imaginary
Creative Rhymes of Interdisciplinary,
Aesthetic Negotiations of Identity –
Between Embodied and Disembodied Performance
by Laura Pavel
page 80-90, English
Vol. 13, Issue 1/2015
publisher: Accent Publisher Cluj-Napoca, 2015

Beyond the Display
Phenomenal Art and Design in the 21st Century
by Mika Iwasaka
Klaus Obermaier and Ars Electronica Futurelab: Apparition
page 138-141, Japanese and English
editor and publisher: Mika Iwasaka
Tokyo: BNN, 2015

Ekphrasis – Images, Cinema, Theatre, Media
Urban Symphonies. Creating, Performing and Writing the Space in Cinema, Visual Arts and Literature.
Interview by Rodica Mocan (II):
Klaus Obermaier – »What interests me now, is how to bring people into environments in which they can participate«
page 234-243, English
Vol. 11, Issue 1/2014
Issue coordinated by Andrei SIMUT, Iulia MICU
publisher: Accent Publisher Cluj-Napoca, 2014

Light Works – experimental projection mapping
by Francesco Murano
Klaus Obermaier, Chris Haring:
D.A.V.E. – digital amplified video engine
page 54-55, English
publisher: ARACNE editrice S.r.l., Roma 2014

Ekphrasis – Images, Cinema, Theatre, Media
Recycling Images: Adaptation, Manipulation, Quotation in the Digital Age
Interview by Rodica Mocan (I):
Klaus Obermaier – »My work is not simply visualization.«
page 250-262, English
Vol. 10, Issue 2/2013
Issue coordinated by Horea AVRAM, Claudiu TURCUS
publisher: Accent Publisher Cluj-Napoca, 2013

Digital Creativity – Performance Art and Digital Media
Christopher Lindinger, Martina Mara, Klaus Obermaier, Roland Aigner, Roland Haring, Veronika Pauser:
The (St)Age of Participation: audience involvement in interactive performances.
page 119-129, English
Volume 24, Issue 2, 2013,
editors: Lone Malmborg, Julia Sussner
publisher: Routledge / Taylor & Francis, 2013

lichtsicht – 3. Projektions-Biennale Bad Rothenfelde
Prof. Dr. Manfred Schneckenburger: Klaus Obermaier,
the concept of ... (here and now), Dancing House, YouShape
page 64-75, German
editor: Paul Anczykowski
publisher: Heinrich W. Risken-Stiftung, 2012

Klaus Obermaier – Monography
by Giorgos Stylianou 
Monography for the course Multimedia in Artistic Environments
University of Aveiro, Portugal
Department of Communication and Arts 
12 pages, English – 2011

Medien, Kunst, Technik
Buehnentechnische Rundschau Sonderband 2011
Irmgard Berner: Fuer ein gemeinsames kulturelles Erlebnis,
Ars Electronica Futurelab und Klaus Obermaier erforschen Interaktionstechnologien der Zukunft. 
page 70-74, German
publisher: Friedrich Berlin 2011

Ruhrlights: Twilight Zone
Yvonne Ziegler: Klaus Obermaier - Social Patterns,
Doors Of Perception and The Concept Of ... (Here And Now)
page 72-77, German
editors: Soeke Dinkla, Karl Janssen, Karl-Heinz Petzinka,
Oliver Scheytt
publisher: Hatje Cantz 2010, RUHR.2010

Performance, Technology & Science
Johannes Birringer:
page 120-121 (D.A.V.E.)
page 184, 189 (Apparition)
page 192-193 (D.A.V.E., VIVISECTOR, Apparition)
publisher: PAJ publications, New York, NY 2008

Theatre and the Media - Grundlagen, Analysen, Perspektiven
Susanne Vill: Spielraume zwischen Medienkunst und virtueller Realitaet, Mediatisierung des Koerpers
(D.A.V.E., VIVISECTOR, Apparition, Le Sacre du Printemps)
page 468-470, German
editors: Henri Schoenmakers, Stefan Blaeske, Kay Kirchmann,
Jens Ruchatz
publisher: transcript Verlag, Bielefeld 2008

Interface Cultures - Artistic Aspects of Interaction
Scott DeLahunta: Body Scenography - Klaus Obermaier transforms our perceptions through media performance
page 226-227, English
Klaus Obermaier: Interactivity in Stage Performances
page 257-264, English
editors: Christa Sommerer, Laurent Mignonneau, Dorothée King
publisher: transcript Verlag, Bielefeld 2008

Architettura & Teatro - Spazio, progetto e arti sceniche
Dialogo con Paolo Atzori, Piero Milesi, Klaus Obermaier, Paolo Rosa, Michele Tadini, Massimiliano Viel:
Nuovi linguaggi, nuove tecnologie
page 170-180, Italian
A cura di Daniele Abbado, Antonio Calbi, Silvia Milesi
editor: Livia Sorio
publisher: il Saggiatore, Milano 2007

Intermediale kuenstlerische Bildung
Klaus Obermaier: Apparition / Immersive Medienperformance
page 112-118, German
editor: Iwan Pasuchin
publisher: kopaed (muenchen) 2007

A Companion to Modern British and Irish Drama 1880-2005
Andy Lavender: Theatre and Technology (VIVISECTOR)
page 556-558, English
editor: Mary Luckhurst
publisher: Blackwell Publishing 2006

Simplicity - the art of complexity
Ars Electronica 2006
Klaus Obermaier: Music - Dance - Space,
The Visualization of Le Sacre du Printemps
page 303 - 304, 306 - 307, English/German
Ars Electronica Futurelab: The Visualization of Le Sacre du Printemps
page 302 and 305, English/German
editors: Gerfried Stocker, Christine Schoepf
publisher: Hatje Cantz 2006

ballettanz - Freiraeume, das Jahrbuch.06
Klaus Obermaier: Hyperraum
page 44/45, German
editors: Hartmut Regitz, Arnd Wesemann
publisher: Friedrich Berlin Verlagsgesellschaft 2006

Lettre International 72
Johanna Dombois: Scheinschwangerschaften. Neue Technologien im klassischen Musiktheater - Nahaufnahmen. (Apparition)
page 90, German
publisher: Lettre International Verlags GmbH, Berlin 2006

Intermediality in Theatre and Performance 
Themes in Theatre 2
Andy Lavender: Mise en scène, hypermediacy and the sensorium (D.A.V.E.)
page 55 - 66, English
editors: Freda Chapple, Ciel Kattenbelt
publisher: Editions Rodopi, Amsterdam - New York, NY 2006

a minima:: - 15, new media, actual art, digital transit
page 46 - 51, Spanish/English

Lichtrouten 2004
page 48 - 49, 93, German
curators: Bettina Pelz, Tom Groll
edited: Luedenscheider Stadtmarketing GmbH 2005

Ars Electronica 2004
Scott DeLahunta: Apparition
page 314 - 318, 444, English/German
editors: Gerfried Stocker, Christine Schoepf
publisher: Hatje Cantz 2004

Interagir - avec les technologies numériques
Nouvelles de Danse 52
D.A.V.E. web project
page 10, on CD-ROM, French
publisher: Contredanse, Bruxelles 2004

UnPlugged - Art as the Scene of Global Conflicts
Ars Electronica 2002
page 430 - 431, 445, English/German
editors: Gerfried Stocker, Christine Schoepf
publisher: Hatje Cantz 2002

X-O Identities in the 21st Century
Intermedium 2
page 32 - 33, German/English
coordinators: Herbert Kapfer, Peter Weibel

... the body-filled space goes on and on, 1/5
page 24 - 25, German/English
... the body-filled space goes on and on, 4/5
page 12 - 19, German/English
curators: Elisabeth Schweeger, Martin Sturm
publisher: O.K Centrum fuer Gegenwartskunst 2001

Next Sex - Sex in the Age of its Procreative Superfluousness
Ars Electronica 2000
page 296 - 299, 413, English/German
editors: Gerfried Stocker, Christine Schoepf
publisher: Springer Wien, New York 2000

Festival der Regionen 1997
page 6 - 7, 15 - 16, German
editor: Gerald Harringer, Festival der Regionen

Musik. Labyrinth. Kontext. - Musikperformance
Metabolic Stabilizers
page 132, German
editor: O.K Centrum fuer Gegenwartskunst
Sonderton, March 1995

Genetic Art – Artificial Life
Ars Electronica 1993
The Cloned Sound
page 258 - 264, 234, 235, English/German
editors: Karl Gerbel, Peter Weibel
publisher: PVS Verleger 1993

The World from Within – Endo & Nano
Ars Electronica 1992,
page 246, 259, English/German
editors: Karl Gerbel, Peter Weibel
publisher: PVS Verleger 1992

interactive audiovisual installation
audiovisual installation

interactive installation
interactive projection mapping,
sound installation
interactive installation
Le Sacre du Printemps
dance, orchestra,
real-time generated stereoscopic proj.
interactive audiovisual installation
interactive audiovisual installation
interactive performance
with audience participation
Klaus Obermaier
Daito Manabe
Kyle McDonald
interactive installation
an interactive club piece with drinks, dance and DADA
portraits of artists,
interactive installation,
condensed urban landscapes
interactive projection and
sound installation
interactive performances
opening performances, installations.
public video installation.
Seoul, South Korea
video/sound installation
space intervention, LICHTROUTEN
interactive dance, body projection mapping 
Ars Electronica 2004
Oedipus Reloaded
interactive theater
with Alexander Balanescu and Balanescu Quartet
video, dance, music
unique body projection mapping
Linzer Klangwolke 2000
an interactive game for 60000 people
unique body projection mapping
Linzer Klangwolke 1998
stereoscopic laser, giant videos and projection mapping
metabolic stabilizers
interactive music/laser performance and installation
the cloned sound
kronos quartet
interactive music and visuals,
Ars Electronica 1993
art ensemble of chicago and the german chamber philharmonics